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What does Toyota have to do with the price of coffee?

COSA President asks what the coffee industry can learn from Toyota.

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Sustainability Metrics and Data Democratization in Daily Coffee News

COSA President Daniele Giovannucci: “I believed that if we could offer a pragmatic results-based alternative, it would really make a difference for those who actually care about results.” Learn how COSA advances that mission.150

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Practical Applications of COSA’s Resilience Measurement Approach

COSA's Resilience Measurement Tool is useful and adaptable for projects of varying aims and scales.

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Difficult impact evaluation? You need a Plan B

Impact assessments are not for the faint of heart! COSA’s research team shared their recent impact evaluation experiences while focusing on the particular challenges inherent to measuring sustainability impacts.

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Should You Include Resilience Measurement in Your Study?
Three Commonly-Asked Questions

Elena Serfilippi, COSA's Coordinator for Resilience Research, answers the three most commonly asked questions about measuring resilience.

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Transitioning towards resilient cotton farming systems in India

COSA's Vivek Voora explains how measuring the resilience of cotton farming operations provides a starting point to take the necessary and appropriate steps for farmers to effectively adapt to change.

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Are CEOs seeing sustainability goals for 2020 with 20/20 vision?

COSA's President comments on the many 2020 sustainability goals [...]

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How Green is Your Tea?

Work towards a common set of indicators and metrics for tea progresses [...]

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