December 2018: Sustainability ROI gateway to financial stability
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Leading financial investors can see the writing on the wall and are increasingly searching for ways to credibly measure the sustainability and resilience of investments.

Annual Letter 2018
The year we saw sustainability shift.
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We saw some amazing good work emerge this past year, even as 2018 also revealed troubling forces in the background. As we head in to 2019, we reflect on both […]

June 2018: Are CEOs seeing sustainability goals for 2020 with 20/20 vision?
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Will 2020 sustainability claims become sources of public embarrassment for corporate leaders?

March 2018: What sustainable development can learn from social movements
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What is the tinder that can spark widespread social movements that shift power from the few to the many?

June 2017:
Is Group Genius Part of your Strategy?
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When the wheel was first created in Mesopotamia some 5,500 years ago, did anyone imagine how often others would claim to have re-invented the concept? In development, we face a […]

March 2017:
The Dis-connect of Smallholder Farmers
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For many of us, it was a startling claim. We know that there are as many as 500 million smallholder farms supporting about 2.5 billion people. We also know that, […]

November 2016:
Measuring Performance
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Sustainability is defined and achieved in many ways. For two decades, standards and certifications have been the backbone of the discussion. There is also an increasing body of evidence, both […]

Annual Letter 2016:
A Turning Point for Sustainability
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2015 marked a defining moment for sustainable agriculture with the signing of the Sustainable Development Goals and a growing number of public-private partnerships that aim to help realize them. As countries, […]

April 2016:
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As the field of sustainability matures and we better understand which activities are actually making the most impact, the conversation is starting to take a new turn.  I wanted to […]

December 2015:
Learning Across Crops: What Coffee Can Learn from Cotton
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Did you know that cotton uses more insecticides than any other commodity? Or that there are over 100 million individual cotton farmers in 75 countries? In light of recent efforts […]

September 2015:
Realizing the SDGs – One Measurement at a Time
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As you read this, a historic moment is underway as nearly two hundred heads of state are gathered in New York for the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations. […]

December 2014:
Group Genius
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The partnerships that comprise COSA are a timely example of a shifting trend. Our culture of collaboration bridges diverse points of view to ignite dialogue and cooperation to address such […]

October 2014:
What Sustainability Leaders Say …
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Tough questions are timely given a current trend that is perplexing to many. Just as there was a cyclical move to standards-oriented solutions that buoyed certifications in the first decade […]

May 2014:
COSA at the Global Sustainability Standards Conference
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As part of the 2014 Global Sustainability Standards Conference (May 20-21), ISEAL and COSA convened a pre-conference discussion on new trends and recent findings in measuring sustainability impacts. In addition […]

March 2014:
Launch of COSA Measuring Sustainability Report
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The COSA Measuring Sustainability Report is a result of our seven year collaboration with many organisations and experts to evolve a common set of practical indicators and metrics to improve […]

June 2013:
COSA addresses UN General Assembly plenary gathering at inaugural workshop
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Participants explored the science and technology options for poverty eradication and sustainable development, with a focus on the cases of agriculture and energy. COSA President Daniele Giovannucci stressed the importance […]

March 2013:
Annual Science Meetings in Senegal
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It was the first such event to take place in Africa and featured a select group of experts and researchers gathered to further COSA’s spirit of mutual learning. Scientists reviewed […]

June 2012:
COSA unwraps at Rio
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The Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA), using state-of-the-art methods in a number of countries, shared an overview of the sometimes surprising results being collected in a number of countries. The […]

December 2011:
Simple new COSA sustainability indicators for companies
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As the concept of a triple bottom line reaches boardrooms in meaningful ways, the report finds that the available methods for measuring it are limited. As COSA gathers experience and […]