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“Digital POs”: A New Generation Investing in Technology

Producer organizations are powerful interveners for farmers. Producer organizations that work smarter not only understand and serve their members better, they also provide the vital traceability and transparency data that today’s responsible sourcing demands. [...]

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Government on the Cutting Edge of Sustainability

With greater scrutiny on every dollar spent, governments are increasingly interested in monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of their rural programs. The Mexican Agriculture Ministry’s (SAGARPA) recent implementation of SMART real-time monitoring is [...]

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The Art of Listening…to the Farmer

Sounds easy but it is rarely done well. “If you want results, then it is vital to have a demand-driven approach" notes COSA’s Research Coordinator for Latin America, Carlos de los Ríos [...]

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What Sustainable Development can Learn from Social Movements

What is the tinder that can spark widespread social movements that shift power from the few to the many? [...]

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Lessons from Experience: Ten Years of Measuring Sustainability

Daniele Giovannucci, President of the Committee on Sustainability Assessment, recently sat down to discuss some of the big changes he has witnessed over the past ten years while working on the measurement of sustainability.[...]

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Termites, Bees, and Sustainability

In sustainability, collaboration amongst various stakeholders - businesses, communities, government, NGOs, and other nonprofits, is needed on a wide scale to usher in an era of sustainability management and governance. [...]

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Taking Charge of Sustainability

Recently, Roberto Velez, the head of the National Federation of Coffee Growers in Colombia, and José Sette, Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization, skillfully framed the considerable challenges faced by the coffee sector [...]

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Stronger Cooperatives, Stronger and More Sustainable Farmers

Nearly one billion people around the world belong to cooperatives and producer organizations. Now, a quick diagnosis of their effectiveness and viability is possible with COSA’s POD: Producer Organization Diagnostic tool [...]

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Can the Private Sector Really Deliver a Public Good?

Sustainability has long been the domain of government and public agencies and NGOs. In a shift that portends a seismic change in how sustainability works, it is the private sector that is increasingly pushing the envelope. But are we seeing any real impact? [...]

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Can Intangibles make a Lasting Difference in Global Value Chains?

The essential question is: can new value substantially increase not only the total value of coffee beyond its current estimates of $200 billion but keep a fair portion of that value with the growers [...]

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