Research and Insights

Healthy Forests, Sustainable Agriculture
March, 2017 — Indicators that measure forest health and conservation are an important part of understanding the environmental health of farms.

Why Counting Women in <br/>Agriculture Matters
March, 2017 — With our partners, we further the measurement and understanding of the impact of women in agricultural development.

Aligning income metrics to improve farmer livelihoods
October, 2016 — Reducing poverty starts with good measurement.

54,000 farmers and counting: one firm’s global M&E system
April, 2016 — Good data + great partners = strong supply chains and better livelihoods for farmers.

Safer farming, safer projects: a practical approach to resilience measurement
Sustainable Food Lab does it again 
April, 2016 — Innovators gather to advance performance monitoring.

How resilient are our oceans?
April, 2016 — SSI reports on the sustainability of aquaculture

Reflections from Mumbai: What Coffee can learn from King Cotton
December, 2015 — Given the recent announcement at the Paris UN Climate Change Conference of commitments to make coffee the first sustainable commodity, […]

COSA celebrates lessons from one year of Sustainability Performance Monitoring
December, 2015 — 2015 has seen the launch of a new COSA Sustainability Performance Monitoring system – a cutting-edge tool that allows real-time […]

COSA & GeoTraceability partner to improve livelihoods of Côte d’Ivoire cocoa farmers
December, 2015 — COSA and partner GeoTraceability will be working together to advise Fairtrade on determining production costs of cocoa farming in Côte […]

Innovative methodologies advance impact assessment
December, 2015 — New methodological advancements that will contribute to improving impact assessments of sustainability initiatives were recently unveiled by COSA and its […]

A leap forward: Multi-country supply chain data in real time
September, 2015 — COSA is pleased to announce the creation of a cutting-edge performance monitoring tool that allows real-time views of key sustainability […]

Ford Foundation engages COSA to help grow impact
September, 2015 — The Ford Foundation has asked COSA to help its grantees with new measurement tools that can improve their food crops […]

New RCT to measure sustainability of Indian cotton
September, 2015 —   The Natural Resources Institute, COSA’s newest partner, is leading a randomized control trial (RCT) in India to understand the […]

Robust measurement framework for SDGs needed sooner, not later
op ed
September, 2015 — Agreeing on a common monitoring and evaluation framework is an indispensable an next step towards realizing the Goals.

Expanding with new partners in sugar and cotton
partner update
September, 2015 — Two new partners signal a strategic expansion of COSA into the sugar and cotton industries. Bonsucro is a global non-profit […]

Private sector leads the way
April, 2015 — COSA projects more than double in 2015-16 to meet the needs of increasing private sector demand to understand supply chain sustainability.

Scientists offer growers a greener future
press release
February, 2015 — How a collapse in the world coffee market spawned a scientific force for good

What Sustainability Leaders Say
October, 2014 — After years of assessing the sustainability of others, we asked 124 leading experts to assess us.

Guiding Producer Organizations towards sustainability
October, 2014 — EURICSE and COSA launch a joint initiative to measure the key characteristics of effective Producer Organizations.

Deepening the quality of local research
partner update
October, 2014 — Recent research collaboration with leading institutions.

Group Genius
December, 2014 — Can a single entity really make a difference in agricultural sustainability where the challenges are both complex and far-reaching?

38 Partners and counting…
partner update
December, 2014 — New to the family of COSA Partners.

The COSA Measuring Sustainability Report
March, 2014 — Lessons from nearly 18,000 farm surveys conducted over 4 years in 12 countries.