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S&D, COSA Partner to Better Sustainable Sourcing Impact
September 25, 2016
S&D Coffee & Tea and the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA) have joined forces to broaden S&D’s sustainable sourcing program. […]

COSA joins Conservation International’s sustainable coffee challenge
December 1, 2015
Conservation International (CI) announced today the launch of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge  a call to action to make coffee the […]

GeoT/COSA bring big data to sustainable agriculture
October 14, 2015
Pierre Courtemanche, GeoTraceability CEO and Daniele Giovannucci, Co-founder and CEO, COSA are pleased to announce they have signed an Alliance […]

Textile Exchange Builds on Success with Organic Cotton Sustainability Assessment
April 26, 2015
Textile Exchange (TE) announces the release of The Organic Cotton Sustainability Assessment Tool (OC-SAT) - an online tool that measures the environmental, economic and social aspects of organic cotton production.

Coffee Made Happy
November 17, 2014
COSA’s collaboration with Mondelez, the world's second largest coffee company, is a major contribution to building the world's largest database of coffee farm sustainability metrics.

The daily cup becoming an expensive habit
There’s a jolt hitting coffee drinkers, and it isn’t just the caffeine.

Organic Coffee Sales Soar above Competition
At the fifth annual coffee-tasting event hosted in New York, NY by the Organic Coffee Collaboration, a market study was released showing that organic coffee sales have taken off in recent years—big time, and in spite of the trend for coffee in general.

A United Voice
The fourth Terra Madre gathering of food communities came to a close in Turin.

North American Organic-Coffee Demand Rose in 2009, Analyst Says
Imports of organic coffee into the U.S. and Canada exceeded 93 million pounds last year and demand is rising...

Organic Coffee Market Tops $1.4 Billion in North America, New Survey Shows
The North American organic coffee market topped 1.4 billion dollars in 2009, according to new data released at the fifth annual tasting event hosted by theOrganic Coffee Collaboration.

Organic Coffee is ‘Hot’ Topic at Specialty Coffee Association of America Conference in Anaheim, CA
Leaders in the 1.3 billion dollar organic coffee North American industry-participants in the Organic Coffee Collaboration will be attendingthe Specialty Coffee Association Annual Conference in Anaheim.

Like your coffee tasty and eco-friendly? Five experts filter their favorites.
A Sustained Buzz: Five Experts’ Favorite Eco-Friendly Coffees.
Organic coffee booming in North America in 2008
With a turnover of 1.3 billion dollars in 2008 organic coffee is the most valuable organic product imported into North America, a recent OTA (Organic Trade Association) press release reveals.

US Organic Coffee Sales Perk Up Despite Dozing Economy
Most of us in the industry were looking for a disaster [in the organic coffee market] much to our surprise, the opposite happened," said Daniele Giovannucci.

US Companies Selling More Coffee With A Conscience
Gourmet java drinkers know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte, but many of them feel fuzzy about the term "sustainable coffee"--which only recently entered some vocabularies.