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Our array of integrated solutions ranges from Strategic Advice to Program Design and to a variety of Performance Monitoring and Assessment tools.

You have a number of options for working with COSA and benefitting from our considerable experience with companies, development agencies, and producer groups. Our systematic understanding helps frame sustainability choices in a clear and coherent way to facilitate your decision-making.

The full suite of COSA Solutions offers our partners and clients support at any stage of Sustainability.GO

COSA Advisory Services help identify and clarify the best options for your needs:

  • Strategic advice and diagnostics
  • Choosing the right Indicators
  • Designing sustainability systems or policy
  • Implementing internal Performance Monitoring for your projects or supply chains
  • Conducting professional Impact Assessment with highly credible reporting

Deciding the Right Approach

There are different tools to understand sustainability. High levels of accuracy or global credibility can be valuable but sometimes only a modest effort (and cost) is required. Typically, an optimal approach integrates a mix of speedy and low-cost information pathways such as Performance Monitoring with a more rigorous understanding of impacts. We can chart the right path with you.

Pathway Options

COSA (Committee on Sustainability Assessment) Diagnosis

See Our Approach for more on Performance Monitoring and Impact Assessment.