Are we at a tipping point?
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Historic Approaches and Key Challenges in Rural Development
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Intelligent rural investments or operations with sustainable practices require a good understanding of the influential factors as well as historic lessons from decades of development literature. This simple review is very accessible for a non-expert and charts the path to the multidimensionality of today’s Sustainable Development Goals through a fifty-year retrospective of key moments in development history.

Resilience Measurement: Differences and Similarities with Sustainability
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In this second brief, we present COSA’s resilience measurement system, starting with an analysis of its similarities and differences with common sustainability measurement.

A Marriage of Necessity: Building a Sustainability and Resilience Tool for the Future
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In this issue brief, we discuss how Resilience is a prerequisite to ensure long term sustainability, and how resilience programming should incorporate normative sustainable thinking based on the analysis of the relations between resilience and sustainability.