Sustainability Intelligence Systems

Sustainability Intelligence System

With powerful sustainability insights, COSA’s action-oriented data elevates you to smarter decision-making.

Pairing the best available technologies with the unparalleled experience of a respected world leader in sustainability measurement* enables you to:

  • Verify supplier performance with real-time tracking and full traceability
  • Transform the resilience of suppliers and communities
  • Anticipate risks, from deforestation to human rights  
  • Improve the impact and the ROI of your efforts

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*Based on survey responses across the private sector, intergovernmental organizations, and research institutes that rate COSA as a “neutral, respected authority that offers valued sustainability measurement approaches.” COSA has been cited by the UK DFID as one of the only data monitoring initiatives relating to agriculture that is designed for decision support; and Swiss researchers ranked COSA as a top approach for measuring sustainability at the farm-level in “Scope and precision of sustainability assessment approaches to food systems.” Schader, Grenz, Meier, and Stolze, Journal of Ecology and Society.