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Are you passionate about driving a global understanding of sustainability in agriculture and food, especially in the poorest countries?

COSA began with a handful of volunteers committed to finding globally comparable metrics for understanding sustainability in agriculture. Today, as a nonprofit organization operating at the forefront of sustainability, COSA thrives on the gift of skilled volunteers to work together in the virtual space with us in creating a better world. Interested?
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Chris Marsh was looking for a volunteering opportunity to exercise his knowledge in sustainability as well as to give back in his own small way during the pandemic.

“As I am currently specialising in sustainability reporting and standards, COSA’s principles of focusing on metric-driven standardisation attracted me to contact them.” He explains that he had taken a leap of faith to pursue advanced studies in the field, and away from a career in another area that was advancing for him.

His research for COSA “has led me to recognise the importance of effective metric-driven standardised reporting as a way to foster transparency and accountability among organisations but also a need for better comparability among the different reporting bodies to improve decision making for information users. Not only do I have a better understanding of the different standards and their various disclosure requirements, but I have a greater appreciation for the hard work that goes into their development and implementation.”

Chris, who is based in Germany, says he will use his newly found knowledge as he works towards completing his studies in sustainability reporting with GRI.

Thank you, Chris!

Business Development Research events and foundations for potential business development Open, ongoing Anywhere
Communications Help us create infographics Open, ongoing Anywhere
Communications Translate or edit documents, reports and communications from English into Spanish Open, ongoing Anywhere
Communications Edit videos Open; ongoing Anywhere
COSA Metrics Research information on relevant sustainability indicators on the web
Information and Public Relations Survey and report on the landscape of COSA information on web Open, ongoing Anywhere
Research Build query programs using farmer data sources, to build real-time COSA dashboards. Projects lasting several weeks to several months in developing countries Anywhere
Research Translate STATA scripts into R language Open, ongoing Anywhere
Social media Research optimal positioning, messaging and group connections for COSA’s LinkedIn page Occasional, several hours per month Anywhere

Current Job Openings

Our diverse global team including from Italy, Mexico, Peru, Zimbabwe, Spain, and the United States has evolved some very effective approaches to create an excellent and nurturing work environment. The team shares five things in common:

  • A high level of personal initiative and personal responsibility for great work
  • A strong set of world-class skills
  • A deep respect for the value of different perspectives
  • A commitment to the practical application of good scientific methods
  • A passionate commitment to creating a more sustainable world

Data Science Manager. We are looking for a key staff person in the area of data science and statistical analysis, including design of data experiments, data preparation, and statistical modeling, to help improve COSA's overall impact in delivering credible data analysis with exciting and innovative tools. For a full description and how to apply, click here.

Data Systems Developer. The Developer will join our technical team in ensuring and continually optimizing systematic and replicable processes, infrastructure, and software integrations to manage data integrity and security, while also optimizing for performance and user experience. Complete job description and instructions for applying here.

Requests for Proposals

  1. Communications Specialist Deadline Extended to conceptualize, plan and implement the internal and external communications to amplify the visibility of and learning gained for a project on transparency in the coffee sector, conducted by the Committee on Sustainability Assessment.