Racism is never acceptable. In our work, across Latin America, Africa, and Asia, we have seen the terrible legacies of systemic
injustice, inequality, and racism. We support a turning tide of those who care and commit to making a tangible difference.
We actively engage our team as well as the organizations we serve to consider how injustice and inequality will be better addressed.

Real Impact at Every Level

We create value with advanced tools and technology
to accelerate your sustainability.

Revealing the voices of farmers, cooperatives, and communities

Farm & Community

Guiding companies toward credibility and responsible sourcing

Supply chains

Creating state-of-the-art systems for shared sustainability impacts

Sectors & Platforms

Advancing metrics to drive impact investing that actually works

Business & Finance

Government & Development Agencies

Designing more effective programs with smarter technologies


Influential Partners

Collaborating to create sustainable solutions
that can scale quickly.

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Chosing the best technologies
for your sustainability needs

Here’s How
Knowing what to measure is critical
for real impact, and to know how your sustainability efforts are actually working.
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Measuring What Matters

COSA metrics align with dozens of leading institution and
international accords