What We Do

We provide world-class insights and the best technology for your sustainability needs

Measuring What Matters

Getting the sustainability data you
really need




Our SMART indicators and unique tools deliver science-based data that always aligns with global norms such as the SDGs and dozens of other multilateral guidelines and normative references – the right data drives clear insights.

Data to Knowledge

Visual and functional for managers
to have clear insights about:

  • ROI
  • Decisions
  • Risk

Supply Chains and Companies

Guiding responsible sourcing and tracking Performance


Standardizing sustainability processes ensures credibility and effective results across its global coffee supply base


Understanding their environmental impacts helped this agile firm adjust and reach elevated levels of sustainability

McCain Foods

For one of the world’s largest food companies, excellence goes beyond a product to include advancing rural development among its global operations

Coca Cola
Still Beverages

New systems enable this leading firm to have full control of responsible sourcing from Traceability and Compliance to Verification & Performance Dashboards

Government and Development Agencies

Smart design and efficient targeting drive performance


Serving 194 Member Nations, the FAO commissioned COSA to develop its Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture (SAFA) for Small Farmers

Mexico Ministry of Agriculture

Radically re-formulating development technology to see rapid results with rural targeting plus knowing the actual ROI of its program investments

United Nations

As Founding Member of the Advisory Panel, COSA helped formulate the content for governments to better understand and influence sustainability through Voluntary Standards


International Finance Corporation – stimulating more rational sustainability-oriented decisions among its clients with transparent COSA metrics

Stakeholder Platforms

Guiding learning and results for our partners to scale up their impact across sectors

IDB Multilateral Investment Fund

Providing state-of-the-art sustainability practices and shared knowledge to its public-private investments across Latin America with the SAFE Platform

Global Coffee Platform

Ensuring world-wide understanding of coffee industry sustainability with common metrics and data standards

United Nations

Gathering 72 very diverse global experts to agree on a common vision for Food & Agriculture in the 21st Century and to frame “The Future of Sustainability”

Sustainable Food Lab

We help coalesce diverse groups to partner toward common goals so ‘many hands make light work’

Farm & Community

Including the voice of the farmer to ensure real impact

Colombia’s National Federation of Coffee Growers

Together comparing the actual impact of many seven sustainability standards for benefits to farmers


Cooperatives were pleasantly surprised, after participating in research, to receive functional results that they could use


Providing the largest farmer group our advanced field performance data technology helped them to understand their farmers and manage for outcomes

Cote d’Ivoire

Our technology helps credibly assess sustainability factors for many thousands of cocoa producers within the world’s largest cocoa exporter

Key Areas

Our broad array of platforms are important ways to convene and leverage change

Landscape Systems

When leading coffee companies faced intractable common challenges from deep poverty to deforestation, COSA worked with Conservation International to craft an integrated “big data-small data” system providing decision-makers advanced data solutions to focus appropriate investments and measure results that ultimately benefit farmers in the region.

Producer Organizations

Benefiting from the ‘group genius’ of 30 institutional experts, our insightful metrics provide complete diagnostics for rural organizations to thrive

Resilience Assessments

Distilling best practices and then streamlining so anyone can use and understand resilience metrics, a vital component of poverty reduction

Sustainability Standards

Helping standards and certifications to be more effective in sustainability strategies

Gender Indicators

Helping understand women’s roles, so they can more effectively contribute to their agriculture communities and themselves


COSA and ETP convened The International Expert Technical Committee for Tea to identify and refine a core set of Sustainability Indicators and Metrics for Tea that provide a simple, common “language” for measuring and learning about sustainability across diverse production systems and origins.

Agronomy to Scale

Designing the advanced technology platform and parameters for “Agronomy to Scale” (an initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) a business-model to deliver results of state-of-the-art research to small farmers so as close the knowledge gap

Lean Research Platform

To get research and evaluation right in poor communities, MIT’s D-Lab convened experts to consolidate best practices that align with a LEAN approach. We summarized it as the “Four R”: Rigor, Respect, Relevance, and Right-Sizing.

SAFE Platform

COSA established the technical platform and the MEL systems for the Interamerican Development Bank’s Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment (SAFE) Platform. Managed by Hivos the platform drives innovative public-private projects while establishing a common data standard that opens learning across projects on key issues ranging from gender and water to financing and training.

Global Coffee Platform

This first-ever industry approach to common indicators plus a shared data architecture will enable database interoperability and reduce data costs for producers as well as industry and policymakers. Benchmarking is expected to accelerate learning and facilitate continuous improvement.

Our Solutions

  • Strategic


    • Mapping the optimal strategy
    • Selecting the right sustainability programs
    • Designing right-sized measurement systems
    • Integrating sustainability into day-to-day organizational functions
  • Indicators

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    • Proven Globally
    • Aligned with global norms
    • Ensure comparability and benchmarking
  • Data, Research
    & Analysis


    • Information you can really use
    • Scalable Research
    • Fast Accurate Surveys
    • Hotspots
    • Performance
    • Impact
  • Sustainability Intelligence


    • Make objectives & results crystal clear
    • Track progress in real-time
    • Ensure transparency, traceability, and verification
    • Identify your risks and gaps easily
    • Deepen learning
  • Learning Communities+


    • Group Genius
    • Strategic Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • ROI