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About COSA

We envision a world with a balanced and global understanding of the environmental, social, and economic dimensions to mutually advance sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission

Sustainability intelligence helps us all advance rationally, regardless of how we may each define ‘sustainable’

Our Principles

We may each hold different ideas about what is “sustainable” and, in all cases, solid metrics help us advance rationally.

The principles of collaboration and partnership are reflected in our foundational values:

  1. Providing intelligent guidance & easy-to-use tools to accelerate sustainability
  2. Credibility that comes from balancing science-based rigor with deep pragmatic experience
  3. Simplify the complexity of sustainability with standardized metrics
  4. Measure what matters to make better decisions and share stories about impact that matters

COSA has long been a trusted source for sustainability intel and tools. Our work aligns with dozens of international accords including:

Where We Work

We work primarily in developing countries and across global agri-food supply chains.

Our Experience

Our experience began with coffee, the world’s most economically important agricultural commodity, and now includes cacao, cotton, sugar, tea, field crops, fruit, and food crops.