"The COSA work is a major achievement and … the most important and authoritative initiative in this regard."

Hans-Peter Egler, Department Head Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

“COSA has been a world-class guide bringing an impeccable understanding of sustainability to our supply chains and helping us develop the systems to manage that...Great all-around team work and I would like to place on record the solid subject matter expertise The Coca Cola Company has received from COSA these past years.”

I.B. Bopanna, Senior Global Director, Coca-Cola Still Beverages

“COSA is at the forefront of efforts to combine a practical approach with scientific rigor in order to understand which approaches to sustainability measurements are working.”

Hans Johr, Nestlé Corporate Head of Agriculture

“COSA occupies an important niche because its assessment tools are relied on by many organizations as the foundation of their measurement efforts.”

F. DeGiovanni, Director, Ford Foundation

“The excellent work of COSA is uniquely important for sustainability and for the coffee growers of Colombia.”

Gabriel Silva, General Manager, Colombia’s National Federation of Coffee Growers

“The landscape assessment is groundbreaking for the coffee sector, where industry actors have no equivalent precedent...”

Kim Elena Ionescu, Chief Sustainability and Knowledge Officer, Specialty Coffee Association

“Our teams have so appreciated the COSA team collaboration over the years – from advising on the original design of our McCafe SIP program, metrics and assurance approach; to leveraging data to ensure continuous learnings..."

Jenny McColloch, Chief Sustainability Officer McDonald's

“I am personally grateful for the thought leadership and excellence your organization brings to our efforts”

Townsend Bailey, Director Sustainability McDonald's USA

"The work of COSA is important to us and is an important advancement in the worldwide effort of sustainability."

Cosimo Lacirignola, Director Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (Bari)

“[with its technical ability and deep understanding of the situation], COSA understood the complexities of our multi-country projects, and knew how to guide us and what to look for.”

Dr. Fabien Guilmineau, Mondelez - JDE

“[One] of the world’s leading international research initiatives on sustainability standards”

ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

“I see COSA as an important player that bridges the current gap of information around sustainability between consumers in the developed countries and the realities of producers in developing nations.”

Alejandro Escobar, Lead Operations Officer, Inter-American Development Bank

"We are particularly pleased to partner with COSA …The[ir] knowledge leadership will allow S&D to multiply its impact and ensure that our sustainability efforts have maximum effect growing supplier value and shareholder value.”

Ron Hinson, CEO S&D Coffee and Tea

“COSA’s leadership and inspiration made it possible for us to take a powerful step forward in coming together and creating global momentum as we move forward with our sustainability goals.”

Giancarlo Marcaccini, CEO East West Tea Company (makers of Yogi Tea)

“The scientific and transparent approach of COSA, together with their agricultural expertise, was exactly what we were looking for in a supply chain sustainability partner.”

Molly Laverty, Director of Sustainability Farmer Brothers

“ICCRI is positive about the effectiveness of the COSA impact assessment work. The knowledge and skills imparted by COSA will be useful… and can be transferred to other ICCRI projects."

Government of Indonesia Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute

“The [COSA survey] process artfully addressed the sensitivities of the producers... and enriched our own understanding and brought us much closer to the producer.”

Andre Luiz Rodrigues, ECOM

“Coaching on performance monitoring was particularly appreciated, your researchers’ help in data analysis was very useful, and teaching the IPSARD staff was deemed to have a big impact for IPSARD’s future work… excellent and thorough and much appreciated across the board."

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Vietnam

These quotes have been verified and used with permission. Most have been drawn from an evaluation process of our work.

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