Is Living Income a real human rights issue?
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The Sustainable Food Lab’s Stephanie Daniels, our expert guest author, explains why companies should think about what Living Income or a Living Wage means for their business accountability and the stability of their supply chains.

Moving toward a measure of decent life
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A key to scaling the understanding and measure of Living Income in any context is to balance rigor and practicality so that it can be more widely adopted. We are getting closer to that in global, agricultural contexts.

A sustainability revolution built on courageous Innovation
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It is heartening to read, in this brief insight, of a few courageous actions that some organziations are taking to improve farmer incomes.

It’s not enough to be above the poverty line; farmers need a living income
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Leading companies are grappling with what their responsibility toward a “Living Income” for farmers they source from might mean, as extreme poverty is increasingly seen as a human rights issue.