Historic Approaches and Key Challenges in Rural Development
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Intelligent rural investments or operations with sustainable practices require a good understanding of the influential factors as well as historic lessons from decades of development literature. This simple review is very accessible for a non-expert and charts the path to the multidimensionality of today’s Sustainable Development Goals through a fifty-year retrospective of key moments in development history.

Should You Include Resilience Measurement in Your Study?
Three Commonly-Asked Questions
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Elena Serfilippi, COSA’s Coordinator for Resilience Research, answers the three most commonly asked questions about measuring resilience.

Are CEOs seeing sustainability goals for 2020 with 20/20 vision?
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COSA’s President comments on the many 2020 sustainability goals […]

Resilience Measurement: Differences and Similarities with Sustainability
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In this second brief, we present COSA’s resilience measurement system, starting with an analysis of its similarities and differences with common sustainability measurement.

A Marriage of Necessity: Building a Sustainability and Resilience Tool for the Future
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In this issue brief, we discuss how Resilience is a prerequisite to ensure long term sustainability, and how resilience programming should incorporate normative sustainable thinking based on the analysis of the relations between resilience and sustainability.

Learning Across Crops: What Coffee Can Learn from Cotton
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Did you know that cotton uses more insecticides than any other commodity? Or that there are over 100 million individual cotton farmers in 75 countries? In light of recent efforts in this important crop, what lessons can cotton share with other crops?[…]

Realizing the SDGs – One Measurement at a Time
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As you read this, a historic moment is underway as nearly two hundred heads of state are gathered in New York for the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations. […]