How to Keep Sustainability in Mind When Buying Your Next Cup of Coffee
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How are companies being held accountable when it comes to their sustainability protocols? What big-name coffee brands are ‘doing right’ by farmers? What can individual consumers do to help support coffee farmers? This 7 minute interview with COSA president Daniele Giovannucci on Cheddar Inc. / CuriosityStream gives some answers. 150

The Global Coffee Fund: A Response from COSA
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Suggestions such as a pre-competitive Global Coffee Fund to solve sustainability issues are laudable in principle but history shows us that agricultural funds of this type proposed at the recent World Coffee Producers Forum don’t work for long. 150

How platforms work to solve sustainability challenges
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One of the most explosive growth areas of the last 5 years is the multi-stakeholder platform. That’s not surprising considering that the magnitude of sustainability challenges. 150

How Green is your Tea?
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COSA and the Ethical Tea Partnership reviewed more than 100 studies by academics, government experts, and certification bodies to agree on a common list and description of indicators. 150

The End of Sustainable Development?
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In an upcoming keynote at the highly-regarded annual Sintercafe event, I’ll be shocking some folks with the unpleasant news that we are now experiencing the demise of sustainable development…and I wish I were joking.

COSA to Share Sustainability Measurement Expertise at Brazilian Conference
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COSA has been asked to participate at the Innovation Session at the Global Coffee Platform event in Brazil.

Guatemala coffee in crisis: a lesson on resilience
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When a severe epidemic related to climate change wiped out almost half of the income for 97% of the small farmers we surveyed in Guatemala, we found that some farmers coped better and had fewer losses than others.

Are you making sustainability claims? Think twice
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As more claims are being exposed by the media, it is prudent for corporate leaders to consider the integrity of their sustainability claims.

Sintercafe 2018: what should the coffee sector be paying attention to today?
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Sintercafe’s Board President Arnoldo Leiva and Daniele Giovannucci, President of the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA) and keynote speaker, answer questions about the coffee sector as they look ahead to the upcoming thirty-second edition of the annual  Sintercafe event on Nov. 7-11, 2018.

COSA President Headlines Sintercafe 2018
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“There’s a lot of talk about sustainability but not enough intelligent ‘doing’ about it.”

Keys to Sustainably Improving Kenya’s Coffee Production
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COSA researchers, Carlos de los Rios and Mica Bennett, find that increasing the participation of young farmers in coffee production can have a positive and sustainable effect on national production. 150

Getting more impact from sustainability certifications
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COSA responds to a recent NPR story on sustainability initiatives

What does Toyota have to do with the price of coffee?
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COSA President asks what the coffee industry can learn from Toyota.

Sustainability Metrics and Data Democratization in Daily Coffee News
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COSA President Daniele Giovannucci: “I believed that if we could offer a pragmatic results-based alternative, it would really make a difference for those who actually care about results.” Learn how COSA advances that mission.150

Global Business Magazine Highlights Coffee Value Chain Report
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STiR Magazine interviews Daniele Giovannucci and Luis Samper on their recent work on the powerful role of intangibles in the coffee value chain. 150

COSA Featured in Coffee Barometer 2018
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COSA details the keys to creating a successful sustainable sourcing program.

USAID’s Field Guide Uses COSA’s Resilience Metrics
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COSA’s work in resilience metrics shapes USAID’s Field Guide.

Tea & Coffee Trade Journal Highlights COSA President’s Research
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In their April 2018 magazine edition, Tea and Coffee Trade Journal highlighted COSA President Daniele Giovannucci’s contributions to the recent World Intellectual Property Organization paper on the intangibles in the coffee value chain.

Global Coffee Report Features COSA
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In Global Coffee Report’s May/June 2018 edition, COSA’s work is featured in the article, “Making Metrics Matter.”

What Sustainable Development can Learn from Social Movements
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What is the tinder that can spark widespread social movements that shift power from the few to the many? […]

Termites, Bees, and Sustainability
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In sustainability, collaboration amongst various stakeholders – businesses, communities, government, NGOs, and other nonprofits, is needed on a wide scale to usher in an era of sustainability management and governance. […]