Data democracy: How to radically alter the world of small farmers
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Technology is driving data democracy at a fast pace. Used wisely, it will give voice – and access – to small farmers and the poor around the world. 150

Four ways that SMART data will make your tech solutions smarter
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From blockchain to big data, there are hundreds of shiny apps and software on offer in today’s data-centric world. Every month new technology companies sprout up promising solutions for supply chain management, risk mitigation, and sustainable sourcing. How can you make the right decision? 

How Big Data and Technology are Altering Supply Chains and Farming
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Daniele Giovannucci and Matthew Himmel will show data and technology innovations developed by leading organizations and thinkers this past year and focus on the specific applications that make a difference for coffee growing, at the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in Boston.

Empowering Farmers through Producer Organizations: Technologies to understand how Producer Organizations influence equitable farmer sustainability
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Strong producer organizations can make a difference to the wellbeing and livelihoods of one billion people around the world.

How do Leading Corporate Thinkers Engage Technology to Drive Sustainability Goals?
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COSA partnered with the Innovation Forum to ask panelists how new technology is advancing their sustainability programs.


“Digital POs”: A New Generation Investing in Technology
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Producer organizations are powerful interveners for farmers. Producer organizations that work smarter not only understand and serve their members better, they also provide the vital traceability and transparency data that today’s responsible sourcing demands. […]

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As the field of sustainability matures and we better understand which activities are actually making the most impact, the conversation is starting to take a new turn. […]