A passionate commitment to creating a more sustainable world unites this extraordinary team.

Our collective field experience and sophisticated technological and business acumen have been honed in challenging environments across the globe from Azerbaijan and Argentina to Yemen and Zimbabwe. Every client or project is a personal and caring commitment for us.

  • Daniele Giovannuci


  • Mica Bennett


  • Sylvia Calfat

    Project Management

  • Felipe Arango

    Senior Advisor

  • Keith Child

    Senior Research Advisor

  • Carlos De Los Rios

    Senior Research Coordinator

  • Chris Chowdhury

    Data Systems Manager

  • Agustín Escobar

    Coordinator Performance Monitoring

  • Matthew Himmel

    Director for Strategic Intelligence Systems

  • Friedrich von Kirchbach

    Senior Advisor

  • Francesca Martonffy


  • Ruhi Mukherji

    Research Advisor

  • Jessica Mullan

    Director of Measurement Systems

  • Pavel Munoz

    Software and Technology Manager

  • Saurin Nanavati


  • Hubert Peri


  • Gayatri Ramnath


  • Pablo Ramirez

    Senior Advisor

  • Ric Rhinehart

    Senior Advisor

  • Louise Salinas

    Director of Administration

  • Jim Saunders

    Financial Manager

  • Chris Sellers


  • Elena Serfilippi

    Coordinator for Resilience Research

  • Gabriela Soto


  • Vivek Voora

    Research Associate

  • Audra Wilson-Max

    Director of Communications