El informe C.O.S.A. sobre la Medición de la Sostenibilidad Resumen Ejecutivo
El Comité de Evaluación de la Sostenibilidad (COSA por sus siglas en inglés), junto con algunas de las principales empresas globales y agencias de desarrollo, ha lanzado su informe insignia: “El informe C.O.S.A. sobre la Medición de la Sostenibilidad”. Este informe trae a luz las conclusiones sobresalientes de las casi 18,000 encuestas realizadas entre 2009 y 2013 en África, Asia y América Latina para el café y el cacao – dos productos básicos importantes que sirven como marco para las tendencias hacia la sostenibilidad en otras cosechas. El Informe C.O.S.A. sobre la Medición de la Sostenibilidad es el resultado de un arduo camino de siete años para desarrollar un conjunto común de indicadores y métricas prácticas, en colaboración con muchas organizaciones y expertos. Presenta una atractiva combinación de conclusiones sorpresivas, resultados inesperados y lecciones aprendidas.
21 mayo 2014
The COSA Measuring Sustainability Report
The Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA), joined by leading global firms and development agencies, launches its landmark “The COSA Measuring Sustainability Report”. The report illuminates the salient findings from nearly 18,000 surveys between 2009 to 2013 in Africa, Asia and Latin America for coffee and cocoa - two important commodities that are bellwethers for sustainability trends in other crops. The COSA Measuring Sustainability Report is a result of COSA’s seven year journey to evolve a common set of practical indicators and metrics in collaboration with many organizations and experts. It presents a compelling combination of surprising findings, unexpected results, and lessons learned.
January 31, 2014
First COSA Field Report Published - Successful Pilots Complete in Five Countries
COSA partners IISD, CATIE, INCAE/(CIMS) and CIRAD completed the application of COSA in 5 countries. Dozens of farms applying various sustainability initiatives were tested in Costa Rica, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua and Peru. The lessons learned are being incorporated into the current Methodology so that COSA is even more adaptable to diverse field and farm conditions. The ability to apply COSA as a management tool that assesses the impacts of sustainability efforts is becoming a valuable asset and is being incorporated into several sustainability initiatives themselves as they seek improved ways to measure and monitor their efforts.
September 1, 2008

Publications using some COSA data or referencing its work
Food and Agriculture: The future of sustainability
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)
Study led by COSA President Daniele Giovannucci released by the U.N. Division for Sustainable Development as a strategic input to the "Sustainable Development in the 21st Century Report", launched at the Rio+20 Summit. On our current trajectory, severe disruptions to national and regional food systems are highly likely to happen - the main question is when. Exposing unforeseen areas of consensus - with contributions from more than 70 global agri-food leaders in the business, policy, green, and social arenas - the report lays out concrete steps for sustainable and resilient food and agriculture systems. By opening the silos of partisan thinking to invite reasoned discussion, it also exposes areas of disagreement and advances a key set of specific "high impact" areas where smart decisions will make the most difference.
January 2, 2011
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) [visit page]