COSA Reports of Key Projects and Origins

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This content was created for a COSA Partner organization and some of it has limited access. For more on each report please contact the Partner director or [email protected]

Limited Access




  1. Colombia Cafe Presentacion sintesis Assessments 2008-09 USAID, FNC, ACDI-VOCA
  2. Colombia Cocoa Evaluation of the Swisscontact Trade Capacity Building (TCB) EFTA – Export Network in 2013-2014 – Baseline Report COSA-CRECE
  3. Colombia COSA Fase II Resultados 2011 CRECE
  4. Colombia Coffee Farmer Brothers Baseline Report CRECE 2014

Cote d’Ivoire

  1. Cote d’Ivoire Cocoa COSA Survey of Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms 2012
  2. Cote d’Ivoire Cocoa – Rainforest Alliance COSA analysis Phase I 20100628
  3. Cote d’Ivoire Cocoa UTZ Certified Evaluation Baseline COSA 2011


  1. Ghana Cocoa Evaluation 2010-13 UTZ Certified and Solidaridad Univ of Ghana ISSER 2013


  1. Guatemala Café – Impacto de las certificaciones en  2010 CATIE and CAFNET
  2. Guatemala Café Línea Base SCAN COSA 2013
  3. Guatemala Coffee Policy Brief SCAN COSA 2013


  1. Indonesia Coffee sustainability assessment baseline COSA 2013


  1. Nicaragua Café Impacto de las certificaciones en 2010 CATIE and CAFNET

Papua New Guinea

  1. Papua New Guinea Coffee 2013 Assessment Baseline includes updates


  1. Peru Cafe Modelo de Desarrollo Sostenible para el Cafe Peruano – JNC, SCAN, IDB línea de base 2014
  2. Peru Coffee Report COSA 2012


  1. Coffee Production in Tanzania: 2009-2010 COSA Survey
  2. Tanzania Coffee 2009-2010 Evaluation COSA 2011
  3. Tanzania Coffee Assessment Baseline COSA 2013


  1. Vietnam Coffee Assessment of UTZ Certified Baseline COSA Report


  1. Using Mobile Phone Technology with Small Farmers COSA 2013
  2. COSA Performance Monitoring for Broader Use of Sustainability Metrics Initial Report 2013 v2A