Speaking on how the Government of Peru could work with the mounting and widespread corporate push toward “deforestation-free commodities”, COSA President Daniele Giovannucci and the honorable Peruvian Minister of Environment Elsa Patricia Galarza Contreras made very aligned comments onstage about the importance of clear science-based approaches to drive change. Daniele’s keynote speech, live-streamed globally as part of the ExpoAmazónica 2017 event, was hosted jointly this year by the UNDP and Peru’s Ministry of Environment (MINAM) and Ministry of Agriculture.

One of the largest coffee and tea manufacturer and supplier to restaurants and convenience stores in the US recently gathered over fifty supply chain partners in Colombia to expand its strategy in Performance Metrics and integrated sustainability reporting protocols.

COSA staff Jessica Mullan and Matthew Himmel spoke about COSA’s system for evaluating impact on productivity, farmer livelihoods and the environment using performance monitoring and new metrics. The event was the first-ever hosted by S&D Coffee & Tea to better connect its global suppliers with advanced practices.