The Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA), joined by leading global firms and development agencies, launches its landmark “The COSA Measuring Sustainability Report”. The report illuminates the salient findings from nearly 18,000 surveys between 2009 to 2013 in Africa, Asia and Latin America for coffee and cocoa – two important commodities that are bellwethers for sustainability trends in other crops.

The COSA Measuring Sustainability Report is a result of COSA’s seven year journey to evolve a common set of practical indicators and metrics in collaboration with many organizations and experts. It presents a compelling combination of surprising findings, unexpected results, and lessons learned.

The five UN agencies comprising the United Nations forum on sustainability standards (UNFSS) supported this work as “most comprehensive review to date of… impact research on popular sustainability standards” exploring “how sustainability initiatives actually affect farmers, communities and the environment in low and middle-income countries

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