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Beyond Compliance: Responsible sourcing means working with farmers.

Responses to problems in supply chains such as child labor need companies to go beyond ‘yes-no’ checklists and stop penalizing farmers. A more holistic approach is required that actually addresses the problem 150

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A sustainability revolution built on courageous Innovation, Living Income.

Daniele Giovannuci President, COSA Will consumers be alienated by companies whose farmer suppliers cannot earn the basic income to have a decent life? In the face of such global

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It’s not enough to be above the poverty line; farmers need a living income

Very recent Declarations from both the International Coffee Organization and International Cocoa Organization focus on the need to help farmers get to a decent standard of living. Leading companies

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Why the next generation Landscape perspective is a game-changer for sustainability

The best sustainability solutions integrate the valuable perspective and cooperation of business and local producer communities. A Landscape approach can effectively transform policy and practice into sustainable growth.

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Gastronomía Sostenible: Conciencia social, ambiental y económica

La gastronomía sostenible promueva el desarrollo agrícola, la seguridad alimentaria, la nutrición, la producción sostenible de alimentos y la conservación de la biodiversidad. En este artículo publicado en la revista de la IPADE, Agustin Escobar y Jessica Mullan de COSA, explican la relevancia de este nuevo concepto para las empresas de alimentos y bebidas en Mexico, simbolizando el reconocimiento a los valores tradicionales en la cultura gastronómica mexicana y las implicaciones sociales, ambientales y económicas. 150

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Four ways that SMART data will make your tech solutions smarter

From blockchain to big data, there are hundreds of shiny apps and software on offer in today’s data-centric world. Every month new technology companies sprout up promising solutions for supply chain management, risk mitigation, and sustainable sourcing. How can you make the right decision? 

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How tech is changing the game for younger and marginalized farmers

New apps are not only bringing vital information to small farmers, they are increasingly driving their participation in a rich digital eco-system. With the average farmer in the developing world surpassing 60 years of age, these impactful technologies help engage younger farmers in productive ways.

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