This collection of perspectives from 70 global experts explores market-based mechanisms for sustainable practices.

“Value chains are a vital part of how our world operates, yet, we are only beginning to understand how to truly make them sustainable” says COSA President Daniele Giovannucci, one of the editors of a new book, “Sustainable Global Value Chains”. Kevin Dooley, Chief Scientist of the Sustainability Consortium, notes in his foreword: “… market-based mechanisms are the most efficient and effective way to induce the adoption of sustainable practices…” This book addresses the crux of that challenge with more than 70 global experts presenting diverse perspectives. 

Released by the prestigious academic publisher SpringerNature, the book presents the emergent and critical value of innovative approaches to monitoring and evaluating their effectiveness and progress within 38 chapters that include governance, standards, regulations, and policy tools.

Among the outstanding authors are Jyotsna Puri, Ruerd Ruben, Chantal Line Carpentier, Evita Schmieg, Lucas Simons and COSA’s Jessica Mullan. Other excellent contributors include Mathieu Lamolle, Johan Verburg, François Ruf, Edward Millard, Aimee Rusillo, and COSA adviser Keith Child.

The editors, M. Schmidt, D. Giovannucci, D. Palekhov, and B. Hansmann, trust that this collective knowledge helps stimulate much greater awareness and more informed choices toward achieving real sustainability in value chains while contributing to fewer deceptive practices and claims.

They also dedicate it with affection to their colleague Berthold Hansmann, who died during the final preparation of the book and who touched all of us with his passion for a more sustainable world.