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Diagnose the effectiveness of viability of a producer organization or enterprise with state-of-the-art assessments and metrics

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Producer Organizations (POs), including cooperatives, are key institutions through which many farmers sell their crops and receive services. A ‘sustainable’ PO is one that combines good governance and sufficient economic activity to support services that benefit its members and itself.

COSA’s PO Assessments is used to diagnose the financial attributes, viability, farmer services, and governance structure of various types of PO. The assessment, along with the diagnostic report is intended for managers of POs as well as third parties such as lenders, NGOs and buyers that work with them.

While designed to provide a diagnostic snapshot, they can also be used to measure change over time in a longitudinal study. Used in combination with COSA’s farmer level surveys, their implementation results in a more complete understanding of the mechanisms and impacts of efforts to improve supply chains.

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