COSA is a didactic tool helping producers make more sound and cost-effective sustainability choices by better understanding the expected investments in time and money, and the likely benefits of any initiative, investment or standard. It also helps them manage business by permitting benchmarking with other producers under similar conditions. One of the world’s largest and most successful producer organizations has utilized COSA research methods for more than four years allowing it to collect and share information in a transparent and consistent manner across the regions of Colombia where it operates. Its managers note that having highly credible information permit them to better select from the many sustainability approaches that are available there and to target and then refine or eliminate those that do not meet their needs. As a simple indication of the perceived value of this COSA information, the organization has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars of its own funds to gather and analyze COSA data on productivity, environmental impacts, social perceptions, and much more. When considering the implications of undergoing more sustainable practices, producers want concrete and locally relevant information on the expected financial and time investments that will be required. COSA provides farmers with information, training and tools to both select and manage any sustainable practice they choose, especially those associated with the implementation of standards and certification programs.