Allen Gunn’s place in the world of human-centered technology is substantial and he has profoundly influenced how COSA applies novel technologies and configurations to “measure what matters”. We are excited to have him join  as a new Board Member.

COSA’s President states that “Gunner’s unique forte is in making the hyper-complex accessible and putting technology to use in the most pragmatic and effective manner so that it fully serves the needs of users.” 

Gunner has also been a senior executive in numerous technology environments including both larger corporations and Silicon Valley start-ups that include Novell, NetManage and Pensare. His range of skills now coalesce into a common thread: catalyzing social change efforts using innovative and open approaches to capacity building and knowledge sharing. Gunner has worked in over 50 countries and with iconic projects such as Digital Freedom Fund, OpenReferral, OpenStreetMap US, Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Rosetta Foundation and Mozilla. He previously served on the Computer Science faculty at Bryn Mawr College and Foothill College.

As the Executive Director of the values-driven Aspiration in San Francisco, he ensures that nonprofit leaders can chart effective and sustainable technology integration efforts and supports groundbreaking and open communities of practice. 

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