Thank you for your interest in working with COSA.

The COSA team shares five things in common:

  • A high level of personal initiative and personal responsibility for great work
  • A strong set of world-class skills
  • A deep respect for the value of different perspectives
  • A commitment to the practical application of good scientific methods
  • A passionate commitment to creating a more sustainable world

Our Workplace

Our far flung team (California, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Zimbabwe, etc.) have evolved some very effective approaches to create an excellent and nurturing work environment. These are some of our key practices for managing a highly effective and motivated remote team:

1. Accountability and Integrity are established as fundamental to every work relationship and not just a s words but as actual measurable factors for relating to each other and to our work.

For example, accountability begins with an agreement that, in its simplest form, must include an agreed action or outcome that is articulated or written down with a specific due date.

2. Invest consistently at building a tangible sense of team or “family”, depending on cultural preferences, this means doing the many small things that build trust and understanding at a human or emotional level.

For example, team members are encouraged to initiate social activities that can range from book discussions to meals together – sure, turn on the video camera and one person can be eating breakfast while another is at lunch and another is prepping dinner and comparing recipe or favorite food. Simon Sinek assistant once shared that on their team members offered their personal skills as services to others (“I can help you build that personal budget in Excel!”)

3. In-person meetings are critical for solidifying the bonds built over skype, email, phone, etc. It makes a big difference, even just occasionally to be physically together

One of our memorable such meetings had the more gregarious staff teaching the shyer ones how to salsa dance…we may release that video someday, it’s hysterical and its joyous.

4. Demonstrate the same level of professionalism while working at home that you would in the office.

Experienced remote workers know that keeping a schedule is just as important, perhaps moreso, when not working from a formal office. Likewise, proper dress, a clean dedicated space, and availability during agreed hours keeps productivity at top level and still allows for some other personal things to get done. Bedroom slippers are ok and mid-day walks are encouraged.

5. Celebrate together – alienation can be common for remote staff and it is vital to keep spirits aligned and positive when possible. Recognizing people’s good work or other achievements on calls or meetings is easily overlooked but should never be.

Never miss the opportunity to offer a pat on the back, even virtually, and consider asking some of your team to serve as goodwill ambassadors to remind us when we forget.

Job Openings

Please check back soon for openings. We welcome submission of CVs with cover letter, explaining your interest in COSA and your potential contribution, for future consideration.

Interested in applying?

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