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Rapidly diagnose the effectiveness, services, governance, and viability of a producer organization or enterprise with a rapid and state-of-the-art assessment

The European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (EURICSE) and COSA launched a joint initiative to measure the key characteristics of effective Producer Organizations (POs). The PO initiative has assembled a select group of international experts into an Advisory Panel on the Sustainability Assessment of Producer Organizations. The Panel contains a cross section of stakeholders that represents traders, lenders, development agencies, researchers, businesses, and producer organizations.

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Sector Panelist
Name Organization and Title Website
Coordinators and Advisors Thomas Elhaut IFAD Director of the Statistics and Studies for Development Division – Panel Advisor
Gashaw Tadesse EURICSE/IFPRI Researcher (Ethiopia) – Panel Advisor
Saurin Nanavati COSA Manager of Partner Relations – Panel Coordinator
Matthew Himmel COSA Project Implementation Cordinator
Development Agencies Pilar Santacoloma FAO Agribusiness Economist
Alejandro Escobar IDB-Multilateral Investment Fund Lead Agribusiness Specialist
 Networks Stephanie Daniels Sustainable Food Lab Senior Program Manager for Agriculture
Anneke Theunissen CLAC Producer Organization Coordinator
Buyers and Cooperatives Monika Firl Cooperative Coffees Producer Relations
Chris Nicaise Singing Rooster Sourcing Manager
Phyllis Robinson Equal Exchange Producer Relations
Thaleon Tremain PachamamaMarketing and Sales
Lenders Margarita Chojolan Root Capital Central America PO Training Manager
Asya Troychansky Root Capital Impact Manager
Hubert Peri Root Capital Knowledge Management
Tyler Clark Root Capital Director of FInancial Advisory Services
Nelleke Veenstra Triodos Senior Investment Officer Trade Finance
NGOs and Consultants Felipe Arango BSD Consulting CEO (USA)
Rocio Sanz BSD Consulting Managing Director (USA)
Niels Van Heeren Coffee Consultant Independent
Theodore Weihe Cocoa Consultant Independent
Andrew Sargent HRNS General Manager
Tobias Voight HRNS M&S Manager
Lucas Simons Scope Insight CEO
Tessa van der Meiden Scope Insight Operations Manager
Paul Guenette ACDI VOCA VP of Communications
Jacob Gray ACDI VOCA Director of Community Development
William Sparks ACDI VOCA VP R&D
Diana Kos AgriPlace  Business
Development Manager
 Researchers Riccardo Bodini EURICSE Research Coordinator (COSA Partner in PO project)
Mark Lundy CIAT Agroenterprise Development Specialist
Tran Cong Thang IPSARD Director
Mike Vincent Fair Trade Director of Impact and Standards
Jim Bingen MSU Professor Emeritus Community, Food and Agriculture
Linda Shaw Cooperative College Vice Principal (research and international programs)
Dietmar Stoian Bioversity Coordinator Value Chain (also co-author of 5 Capitals tool for Pos)
Giel Ton Wageningen Development Economist
Piet Van Asten IITA Agronomist and Coffee
Research Manager
Meike Wollni University of Goettingen  Professor of International Agricultural Economics