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Former Rainforest Alliance CEO joins COSA Board

“During my time at RA and Utz I got to see COSA’s work first hand,” says Han de Groot. Highly regarded as a sustainability champion, his profound understanding of certifications adds an important dimension to COSA’s Board of Directors.

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Sustainability investing that powers data-based learning

Some of the innovative work in sustainability from the IDB Lab demonstrate ways to achieve new levels of collective impact for donors and businesses.

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5 keys for a successful sustainability program

For market-based sustainability initiatives to be effective and provide lasting results, organizations must ensure their integration into operations and procurement practice. We offer five key elements of a successful sustainable sourcing program that have consistently worked for companies large and small.

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How to Keep Sustainability in Mind When Buying Your Next Cup of Coffee

How are companies being held accountable when it comes to their sustainability protocols? What big-name coffee brands are ‘doing right’ by farmers? What can individual consumers do to help support coffee farmers? This 7 minute interview with COSA president Daniele Giovannucci on Cheddar Inc. / CuriosityStream gives some answers. 150

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Is Living Income a real human rights issue?

The Sustainable Food Lab’s Stephanie Daniels, our expert guest author, explains why companies should think about what Living Income or a Living Wage means for their business accountability and the stability of their supply chains.

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Moving toward a measure of decent life

A key to scaling the understanding and measure of Living Income in any context is to balance rigor and practicality so that it can be more widely adopted. We are getting closer to that in global, agricultural contexts.

Mars leads evidence-based approach to farmer incomes

COSA is working closely with Mars and the Farmer Income Lab to develop optimal metrics to help ensure a science-based yet down-to-earth perspective around reasonable income for farmer-suppliers.

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Four simple things we can do now for farmers

Businesses and NGOs have an opportunity to better understand the challenges of farm communities, and reorient global value chains to deliver greater benefits to their producers.

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