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Trade for Sustainable Development Forum 2022

Daniele Giovannucci joins the Ready for Take Off ! panel discussion at the 2022 ITC Forum on 30th September 2022. The event, themed Corporate Sustainability: Shooting for the moon? convenes a wide range of speakers to share their expertise on the growing movement to make corporations more responsible and accountable for their impact on people and the planet.

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Trends & surprises in Sustainability Leaders Survey

We queried nearly 150 senior experts, from across the sustainability spectrum in 2022. Here are some of the revealed insights. The two most important sustainability trends or needs going forward are metrics for climate adaptation and strategic sustainability guidance for taking better decisions.

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3 Good reasons to reduce your data and auditing

A new initiative from the International Coffee Organization will provide, for the first time, standardized data on farmers’ true costs of production and efficiency of value transmission in supply chains. This is a critical first step to building a shared understanding of the key elements that contribute to sustainable coffee production.

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VUCA matters: ESG is yesterday’s story. Today’s story is impact

The herd is moving to ESG but results or impacts are emerging as a competitive factor that appeals much more to the smart money. For multinational businesses, ESG are increasingly requirements imposed by insurance or financial markets and regulators. But what about leaders who go beyond to verifiably gauge their sustainability in terms that affect their business? Business and government are desperate for tools to navigate Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous (VUCA) conditions and leaders can turn that into a clear competitive advantage. Not surprisingly, understanding your sustainability risks is critical.

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