In many countries, especially less developed ones, there are considerable intangible assets that are often not captured or even valued by markets. These include unique flavor profiles and the application of cultural or traditional processes. Reasons for the unrealized value include the challenge to adequately define and quantify the value, the difficulties in demarcating where it does and does not exist, limited communicating and marketing skills, and the hurdles of protecting those values from counterfeiters. Yet, some have managed to achieve near-renowned status: Lampong pepper, Peruvian Pisco, Cafe de Colombia.

The Biocultural Diversity and Territories Platform (DB&T in Spanish) and COSA are working together to expand opportunities for cooperation on these topics in Latin America in regions which are currently facing environmental, economic and social shocks and stressors. Both organizations recognize that fostering resilience is a key factor in developing long term sustainability perspectives and resilient communities.

The DB&T Platform enhances territorial and institutional resilience by developing sound processes and inclusive dynamics. These include initiatives of capacity expansion, multi-actor dialogue and advocacy in public and private sectors. The main purpose is to facilitate innovative dynamics between institutions using approaches based on the identification of key actors involved in territorial and bio-cultural assets that can actively contribute to more resilient communities and providing them with necessary capacity building and connectivity to their peers.