COSA helps you to transform raw data into real knowledge. Managers will better understand which programs are yielding the best results, better manage resources, and maximize ROI.

COSA’s best-in-class indicators and metrics are a vital part of a new generation of tools and tech that we are developing. They will reliably advance the way companies and investments understand and comply with emerging sustainability risks. They will orient to a uniquely farmer-centric understanding of sustainability across supply chains to offer significant benefits at every level.

Our newest Sustainability Intelligence System v. 3.0 combines COSA’s highly valued, science-based content with radically improved technology. As a fully integrated system it aims to simplify data collection and unlock deeper insights for businesses and funders. Users will have:

  • Integrated data from different sources (transactions, reporting, GIS, audits)
  • Greater decision functionality, even offline
  • Deeper analysis including ROI
  • Enhanced maps and visualizations

The benefits of the new system include:

  1. Ability to better identify and quickly address risks in the supply chain
  2. Early detection of deforestation and environmental due-diligence reporting needs, with satellite map overlay
  3. Predictors of key human rights issues, especially child labor
  4. Visualize beneficiaries, suppliers, and farms
  5. Search or drill-down to compare performance with peers
  6. Direct communication, verification, and insights to your producers or beneficiaries even in poor regions

The system seamlessly facilitates the progression companies follow from “stepping into” basic sustainability reporting, to traceability, compliance due-diligence, and responsible sourcing, and ultimately to sustainable sourcing that goes beyond basic compliance improves supply chain performance on key social, environmental, and economic factors ranging from Scope3 footprint and farmer income to quality and reliability.