PepsiCo is one of the companies that are changing the industry by putting sustainability at the center of how the company will create value and future growth.  “It’s not a sustainability program. It’s a strategic transformation of what we do and how we do things at PepsiCo, ” says CEO Ramon Laguarta.

COSA is proud to partner with PepsiCo to build the Livelihoods Implementation Framework for Engagement (LIFE) to help guide the company’s efforts in its agricultural supply chain. The Framework was created to measure progress on economic prosperity, farmer and farm worker security and women’s economic empowerment. These are among the key factors that build a more sustainable and inclusive food system that strengthens farming communities.

PepsiCo embarked on an ambitious Positive Agriculture strategy this year, to impact 7 million acres of farmland and reduce an estimated 3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade. The company also aims to improve the livelihoods of more than 250,000 people, especially in the most vulnerable farming communities linked to its value chains.

Across agri-ingredients and products,PepsiCo will have a sound understanding and credible metrics to manage the vital livelihood improvement aspects of their programs. COSA brought its extensive experience creating gold-standard metrics that are pragmatic to apply in the field. Our collaboration is intended to catalyze optimal sustainability efforts to help ensure that PepsiCo moves towards its goal of improving livelihoods and the resilience of its supply chain

Laguarta told Fortune Media CEO Alan Murray that the sustainability focus is “based on consumer dynamics we are seeing in many parts of the world. We are seeing consumers even more aware of the challenges we have in society and with the planet than they were two or three years ago.” Fortune Media lists PepsiCo as one of the world’s most admired companies.