COSA and the Sustainable Food Lab co-hosted a webinar to discuss the values (pro and con) of Resilience Key Performance Indicators (R-KPIs).


Date: August 23, 2017

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Created together with its partners, COSA presented the metrics library developed for measuring resilience. COSA’s Coordinator for Resilience Research Dr Elena Serfilippi explained the methodology behind the metrics library, including a desire to simplify measuring resilience to enable interested parties to collect relevant data regardless of their budget or location. The webinar also featured Catholic Relief Services’ and Root Capital’s experience in resilience projects. A lively Q+A followed the expert panel.

Panelists included:

Elizabeth Teague, Environmental Performance Manager from Root Capital, Elena Serfilippi, PhD, Coordinator Resilience Research from COSA, and Shaun Ferris, PhD, Director of Agricultural Livelihoods from Catholic Relief Services

Daniele Giovannucci, President of COSA, and Stephanie Daniels, Senior Program Director from Sustainable Food Lab, moderated the session.