While digital innovations in coffee have enabled data collection at an unrivaled scale, the ability to move data between devices and systems remains a big challenge. Much of these data have remained in silos, resulting in bottlenecks which limit innovation and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

This virtual event explores issues of data interoperability, its impact, and potential and discusses possible pathways to digital traceability for a more productive and resilient coffee future.



Dr Leonard Mizzi, Head of Unit, INTPA, European Commission (EC)


Inspirational Talk
Darrin Daniel, Executive Director, ACE (Cup of Excellence)


Solution Speaker
David Davies, CEO and Founder, AgUnity


Panel One Speakers
Tomoko Yokoi, Researcher & Advisor, IMD- MODERATOR
Ward de Groote, COO & Co-Founder, FarmersDirectCoffee
Lars Kahnert, Digitalization, Supply Chain and Standard Advisor, GIZ
Carolina Castaneda, Director Europe, FNC BV


Panel Two Speakers
Allen Gunn, Executive Director, Aspiration- MODERATOR
Pauline Elise Taupin, Partnership and Project manager, Elucid.social
Matthew Himmel, Director Strategic Intelligence Systems, COSA
Mette-Marie Hansen, Managing Director, Kenyacof at Sucafina