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We provide realistic information for those that have an interest in maintaining the stability of their long-term supply and its quality. Especially for consumer-facing firms, the credibility of our approaches can facilitate both reporting and compliance needs. Firms that are more advanced can use COSA to effectively integrate the appropriate sustainability principles (such as good farm management, youth programs, or food security) into their operations or supply chain.

The example here illustrates how we help clients advance their understanding, create value, and deliver sustainable advantage.

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Improving environmental results for a multinational coffee company

The Challenge

One of the world’s fastest-growing multinational coffee companies, Nestlé’s Nespresso, was an early adopter of COSA metrics. There was concern when it first received the unpleasant evaluation that the producers applying its standards were achieving only average or below-average environmental results.

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The Innovation

As a part of a multi-year effort, COSA research partners (especially CRECE) delivered
statistically rigorous data and information that enabled Nespresso to understand the
interrelated sustainability factors affecting the coffee producers at the base of its supply

The Outcome

Nespresso has used the insights to improve and reconfigure their approach and within two years there was substantial measurable improvement of environmental practices among its farmer-suppliers.