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COSA began with a handful of volunteers committed to finding globally comparable metrics for understanding sustainability in agriculture. Today, as a nonprofit organization operating at the forefront of sustainability, COSA thrives on the gift of skilled volunteers to work together with us in creating a better world.

If you have the following characteristics please consider sharing in our work.

  1. Passion for the issues of agriculture and sustainability in the poorest countries
  2. Excellent communicator, you respond promptly and stay in touch with us
  3. Good, professional skills in your selected area of volunteering
  4. Ability to self-manage and responsible for timely results
  5. Good internet connectivity

Except where noted, these are virtual volunteer roles and can be accomplished from almost any location. We actively encourage volunteers from all continents. Our primary language of operation is English.

Administration Assist with Internship Program development Open, 3 months minimum US-based
Administration Update COSA’s database of contacts Open Philadelphia office
Business Development Research events and foundations for potential business development Open, ongoing Anywhere
Communications Write short, journalistic articles and/or social media posts Open, ongoing Anywhere
Communications Translate or edit documents, reports and communications from English into Spanish, French, Vietnamese Open, ongoing Anywhere
Information and Public Relations Survey and report on the landscape of COSA information on web Open, ongoing Anywhere
Online Marketing Advise and share professional, working knowledge of online marketing practices Open, ongoing Anywhere
Social media Research optimal positioning, messaging and group connections for COSA’s LinkedIn page Occasional, several hours per month Anywhere
Technology Help test COSA assessment tools. Some research background required Projects lasting several weeks to several months in developing countries Anywhere
Technology Research information on relevant sustainability Indicators on the web Open, ongoing Anywhere
To apply: Complete the application survey and send us your C.V. We will contact you about  roles for which you could be a good match. Don’t see something that matches your interests or skills? Send us your C.V. with a letter expressing how you would like to help. Short-term opportunities can arise at any time. If any of these opportunities look like a good match with your background, we will contact you to see if you are interested.