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Measuring Resilience

A practical science-based approach


The resilience of a household or community is a key factor to address poverty and inequality.

With the support of the Ford Foundation, COSA streamlined indicators and created pragmatic assessment options for public benefit. Together, they offer a more functional understanding of resilience to a wider range of development, government and other global users. The tool can be applied across projects of different scales, including many groups or initiatives that have neither the budget nor the inclination to undertake in-depth scientific research.

The COSA Resilience Working Group defines Resilience as:

The capacity of people, communities, or systems to prepare for and to react to stressors and shocks in ways that limit vulnerability and promote sustainability.

The Resilience Tool

COSA’s Resilience measurement tool is:

  • Science based
  • Policy Relevant to SDGs
  • Accessible
  • Low Cost

It consists of:

  • Full set of 76 indicators (resilience indicators library)
  • A core set of 27 Key Performance Indicators (R-KPIs)
  • Simplified set of 11 critical KPIs that can be used even by low-budget projects that do not have a resilience focus
  • Guidance document with instructions

——View Resilience Indicators

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